How To Remove Eyelashes From The Eyes?

Every time when false eyelashes are removed, many people use hard pulls . As a result, many real eyelashes are dropped, which will not only deform the false eyelashes, make them unusable, but also make the hair follicles of the eyelashes. Injury, if it is serious, it can make the eyelashes not grow out and become a bald one, so how to remove the false eyelashes?



Pour the make-up remover on the cotton swab and slide it on the base of the eyelashes to let the makeup remover penetrate into the false eyelashes. Then fold the cotton pad soaked in the eye and lip makeup remover in half, cover the eyelashes, and dissolve the mascara on the false eyelashes to separate the tight real and false eyelashes. Then use a cotton swab to slide the root while gently pulling with your hand, the false eyelashes will fall off naturally.



Many people directly remove false eyelashes when removing them, which is very bad. The first will pull the eyelids, and make the eyelids slack for a long time. Second, if the paste is not so good, the real and false eyelashes will stick together, and this tear will also tear off your real eyelashes. Third, the false eyelashes that are directly torn off are easily deformed, reducing the number of repeated uses, and the heavy ones are discarded once.


The false eyelash removal method is also relatively simple. You can remove the false eyelashes according to the above steps, which is very convenient.

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