false bottom eyelashes wholesale 

  COACH LASHES 3D mink eyelashes belong to 100% pure handicraft products. It looks like a pair of small eyelashes. COACH LASHES3D mink eyelashes need to go through more than 20 processes, each process must be fine. Each process affects the final effect of eyelashes. Our workers try their best to control the difference of eyelashes within the minimum range.
But pure handicraft products are slightly different each time, because the natural type of raw materials, products are pure manual, no pair of eyelashes is exactly the same, which is the charm of pure handicraft products!
  Dear customers, the criterion for judging pure hand-made 3D eyelashes is, is the eyelashes symmetrical? Is the eyeliner comfortable? Is the shape elegant? Instead of comparing each pair of eyelashes, is it exactly the same? If the requirement is exactly the same, it is the requirement of mechanical products.
Art works, like our landscape paintings, face the same scenery, want to come up with exactly the same effect, is to shoot with a camera, print with a machine. The effect is the same.
But when painters are asked to paint, different painters face the same scenery with different effects.
Even if the same painter at different times, facing the same landscape, the effect of painting is different.
But aesthetic, thought is not the same, every painting is the best!
  COACH LASHES pure hand-made 3D mink eyelashes, natural raw materials, high-tech treatment of hair tips, select workers, COACH 3D eyelashes is a high-level lifestyle, is a work of art, we want to be a boutique, not exactly the same product!

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