Many Customers Ask  If You Can Do Drop Shipping?

Many customers ask  if you can do drop shipping?

What is dropshipping

Dropshipping is actually a supply chain management method. Retailers do not need to make inventory.
After placing an order at your store, the seller transfers the customer order and shipping details to a third-party supplier. The supplier
Send the goods directly to the customer

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Dropshipping is great for people who don’t want to hold and manage inventory

The choice is also very suitable for people who are just beginning to do e-commerce, because it is easy to operate and has low threshold.
But there are always two sides to it. In addition to Dropshipping, there are many advantages and disadvantages.
Before Dropshipping, we need to understand its advantages and disadvantages, give full play to its advantages, and try to be its disadvantages.
Find a remedy.

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Dropshipping advantages

(1)No inventory required, low capital requirements

The biggest advantage of Dropshipping is that you don’t need to invest a lot of money into inventory. Use this model to do online
Business has almost no cost. In traditional business models, stockpiles take up most of the retailer’s funds.

(2)product diversification

You don’t have to buy these products you want to sell in advance, so you can supply multiple products to customers. No need
Study the color, size, and appearance of the product. As long as the supplier has the goods, you can sell them.

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(3)Easy to scale up

In the traditional retail industry, if you want to make more profits, you need to invest more capital and human and material resources. But
Dropshipping is different, you just need to forward more orders to the partner suppliers and let them handle all
Things, you just have to wait to make a profit. That way you have more time and money to plan your business.

(4)Low chance of item damage

Because suppliers ship directly to customers, fewer suppliers ship to retailers and retailers ship to customers.
Two links greatly reduce the probability of damage to the item.

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Dropshipping disadvantages

(1)Fierce competition and low profit

This is the biggest disadvantage of dropshipping. Because the requirements for dropshipping are too low,
The cost is low again, and many businesses are starting to flood in and sell at the lowest prices. Because it costs nothing to open a store,
Even if their profits are small, they can continue to operate. Product homogeneity is serious and profit margins are constantly being squeezed

(2)Transportation is more complicated

Generally, retailers have multiple customers.Fees get complicated. Because the customer’s address is different, if the customer ordered the product, this
Some products are shipped by the supplier, then the retailer will calculate the different costs separately. The total shipping cost is definitely less than
Shipping costs are higher for products purchased from wholesale, which increases costs.
If these costs are passed on to the customer, it will affect the conversion rate and therefore the profit

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(3)No physical control over product details

Customer satisfaction is usually related to details, including personalized packaging, product brand, and free gift
And thank you cards. If you do dropshipping, the product is not in your hands, not your shipment, you root
Ben had no control over these details.

It can be seen from the above that dropshipping is not a stress-free mode. It has very obvious advantages.
Potential, but we also have to address the disadvantages that come with it.So choosing a trusted eyelash supplier is especially important.

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