One of my clients has been doing more business since he bought our brand’s false eyelashes.

One of my clients has been doing more business since he bought our brand’s false eyelashes.

We are a large-scale mink lashes, custom eyelash packaging, eyelash glue, eyelash tweezers of wholesale vendors. Our factory was founded in 2008. We have 10 years of experience. We have helped many lash vendors to start eyelashes business. Their eyelashes business has been very successful, and we are also cooperating for a long time.Our customers are all over the world, they want to start business, so why choose false eyelashes?Because the threshold of eyelashes is very low, the cost is low, it is very convenient to do, the delivery time is very fast, everything is very convenient, even if you are a treasure mother, you can still start your own eyelashes business!!


My friend, who contacted my WhatsApp via YouTube, told me that she wanted to start eyelash business, wanted me to help her and become her eyelash vendors. I was very happy, which showed that she trusted me. She was interested in our products. Through the dialogue between us and my encouragement to her, she tried to buy a batch of 25mm lashes samples first, Because our 25mm mink lashes are the best selling style!!

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A few days later, she received our product. She told me that she was very excited and shocked because she didn’t expect that we could send it to her just after she placed the order. And our eyelashes were really surprising and perfect. She thanked me very much. She believed that I would be a good wholesale lash vendors and would like to do wholesale mink lashes business with me all the time.

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In this way, coach lashes once again helped the friend start her eyelashes business.She has more and more customers, and she has started her own brand. Her business is getting bigger and bigger. She told me that she will order more and more products. I hope we can cooperate all the time. I am really happy to know her and help her complete the eyelash business!!

Dear friends, if you don’t know how to start the eyelash business, please contact coach soon. We can provide eyelash samples. When you receive them and like them, let’s start a big eyelash business together.

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