The most convenient long eyelashes – mascara.

The most convenient long eyelashes – mascara.

Compared with the operation, brush mascara and False mink eyelashes are the most convenient and easy way. As to mascara you only need to brush,and then you are able to have a thick curly hair long thick eyelashes, not to mention of False mink eyelashes as long as paste it to the end of the matter.

You can keep your eyes glorious smart without mascara , like soft moonlight and dazzling sunshine. Don’t worry about eyelashes off when you washing your face, taking a bath or swimming, it always allows you to keep the natural style.

The most skillful method – posted False mink eyelashes .False mink eyelashes, a new and popular technology of cosmetology and beauty makeup, is the use of mink hair which sticks to your lashes one by one, so you can easily get thick and long eyelashes.

Eyelashes are more valued by female friends, not only very small but easily modified our “window of the soul.” Long, thick and natural eyelashes is the dream of most female friends, because the eyelashes have a very important effect on the face and the eyelashes can make the eye bigger and brighter.

Meanwhile grafting eyelash would make those who lack the short eyelashes friends have long and curved eyelashes. Eyelashes can also be beauty. Many female friends want have long eyelashes like Barbie which we can easily get by False mink eyelashes.Actually, for their part, compared to mascara,

I prefer False mink eyelashes, because a paste is over, not so many brush eyelash skills, but also free to choose from a variety of Different styles. When the request is not high can also save the time to draw eyeliner. Part of the single eyelid even after the False mink eyelashes paste will become double. Selection method

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