Why can we deliver your eyelash order immediately?

Why can we deliver your eyelash order immediately?

The following video is our stock

Many customers will be surprised by our delivery speed when they buy our products. Generally speaking, our customers can deliver the goods on the day they place the order. We only make high quality mink lashes, so sometimes we face this situation. The product that this customer wants to buy is purchased by another customer, so when some customers hesitate to buy our product, maybe the product you want has just been purchased by your competitors, so don’t hesitate!!!

When you place an order to buy our mink lashes, we will place an order for you immediately and let the logistics department prepare the goods for you. As long as 3-5 working days, you can receive the products without waiting!!!

When you wear our eyelashes, you will love them. The 16 mm mink lashes that are close to nature, the 22 mm mink lashes that have the same effect as 25mm eyelashes, and the 25mm mink lashes that have recently been introduced are all our hot styles. The concept of COACH LASHES is to be the best MINK Eyelash vendors and your most sincere partner.




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