Will The COVID-19 Virus Be Transmitted By Courier?

Will courier spread new coronavirus?


Under normal circumstances, the possibility of express packages being contaminated by new coronavirus during transportation is very small, and there is currently no case of infection with new coronavirus due to express delivery, because the virus’s ability to survive outside is not very strong, and the virus is express The surface of the item is actually very easy to lose vitality, and it is difficult to form an infection.

Coronaviruses are most commonly transmitted through respiratory droplets. Because these coronaviruses have poor survivability on the surface, they can be transported for several days to several months at room temperature by attaching to imported products or international packages The risk of post-transmission is very low. There are currently no confirmed cases of new coronavirus in the United States related to imported goods.

And the courier wears masks and gloves during the processing and delivery of the courier package to avoid the surface being contaminated by respiratory secretions during processing and transportation


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